El Tequileño Reposado Rare

El Tequileño Reposado Rare

Reposado Rare is the story of a father and son who wanted to create something unique. they wanted to age a tequila for the length of an añejo but get creative with the barrel. the original plan was to rest it for 15 months, in a pipon (large format barrel) but things didn't go as planned and it spent 6 years in pipon #7. The 6 years of undisturbed rest created a tequila of amazing complexity, with rich exceptional depth. Each bottle is individually numbered and signed.


It is with great pride that El Tequileño presents the world's first Reposado Rare.


Vanilla, honey, subtle touch of black pepper, cooked agave

Marzipan, light spiciness with notes of sweet agave and oak

It is best enjoyed neat, in a specialized tequila glass

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