El Tequileño was founded in 1959 by don jorge salles cuervo

Now, three generations later, the family's legacy continues to influence the production of the finest quality tequila. every drop, a celebration of passion and heritage


don jorge salles cuervo's deep rooted passion for quality and taste led him to the highlands where blue agave is naturally sweeter containing a higher Brix level than those from the valley. a truck loaded with agave takes four hours to travel from the highlands to our distillery in tequila. for Don Jorge the labor, time and transportation were a small price to pay to achieve the taste he wanted in his tequila. we continue to think the same.


Don Jorge Salles Cuervo pioneered the use of autoclaves in 1959. Today we continue to follow the same legacy and steam our hand selected highland agaves in autoclaves.  Always removing the bitter cogollo before the 16 hour cooking cycle begins 


Our open fermentation tanks are steps away from 150 year old mango trees on the grounds of our distillery influencing the fermentation of our tequila

Water Source

we use pure volcanic spring water in the milling process to extract the mosto from the agave. The spring flows from the dormant Volcan de Tequila through our distillery to provide the smooth balanced flavor of el tequileño. We are one of only four distilleries that has access to this limited water source. 


all of our tequilas are distilled in copper pot stills. we use this type of still because copper better removes sulfur and other unwanted impurities, resulting in a tequila that is full of flavor


we ensure that every step in our production process is green. 98% of the organic residuals leftover from production are turned into compost that is in turn used as a natural fertilizer for our next generation of agave. We also play a  key role in water preservation. Tony, Our Master Distiller is the President of the local Water Board


aging plays an important part of the process at el tequileño. we use a variety of different sized barrels to age all of our tequilas. our blancos are mellowed for  30 days our Reposado's spend from 4 months to 6 years in oak and we have a wide range of anejo's