Cocktail La Batanga

El tequileño’s notoriety can be traced back to a nondescript cantina in the town of tequila called la capilla.  In 1961 owner don Javier Delgado created a signature cocktail and called it la batanga. el tequileño blanco, fresh squeezed lime, Mexican coca cola served in a salt rimmed glass and stirred with a knife. Don Javier’s Batanga became famous worldwide when la capilla was named one of the 50 worlds best bars. Bartenders, tourists and tequila aficionados from near and far have had this delicious concoction made with el tequileño blanco. 

El Tequileño Cocktail La Batanga


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Salt rim the highball glass and fill it with ice


Add El Tequileño Blanco and Lime juice


Fill the glass up with Cola


Stir with a knife to keep it  authentic to Don Javier’s recipe